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Let us take care of all your Home Inspection needs.

Let us take care of all your Home Inspection needs.

More than three decades of experience in the construction industry!

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We are purchasing a home for the 1st time and were a little uncertain as to what to look out for, and what to check when doing an inspection. Mr Kotary explained what had to be done, made recommendations, was very thorough, and helped to put us at ease. He did an excellent job at a very reasonable price.


By Sharon

Ed Truly looks out for his clients his report is detailed it will let you know the small items that the average homeowner may overlook a a new purchase and also pays good attention to something that could be a major problem for a new homeowner and thatâ s important.


By Peter

Ed is knowledgable and professional. He gets inspections and tests done on time. This man is effective and efficient with house inspections. Affordable too.If you really want to know what your getting into when you buy a new property,you need to hire Ed.


By Luke


“In 2016 i bought my first home, this experience should be fun and exciting but in my case it was not. We had a home inspector complete an inspection and everything passed. We were told one price going in and and then once the inspection was done they wanted about 200-300 dollars more. Then about 2 months after we owned the home things that should have been noticed during the home inspection but were not. We were never able to use the furnace because once we had the oil company inspect it they said it wasn’t safe to run and we had to buy a brand new one. Our hot water tank died right after we bought the house. None of the wiring in our detacted garage or the power outlet by out pond was ever grounded. These were just a few things that went wrong with our house that most likely should have been caught by our home inspector. After seeing all of this my dad decided he was going to go to school to be a home inspector because he didn’t want to see anyone else go through what we did. “


Ed Kotary is a home inspector with more than three decades of experience in the construction industry. He formed Ed Kotary Home Inspections so he could use that experience to provide more accurate inspection reports. With that kind of construction insight, he can complete the best inspection possible.

We don’t just want to find problems. We want to give you the information you need to solve those problems. If we spot anything out of place, we’ll bring it up, whether it’s a scratch in the paint or a high level of radon.

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If you’re curious about any part of the home inspection process, just ask. We’re happy to explain any part of what we do. We strive to be personable and helpful. You can count on us to walk through the whole process with you and go over every detail.

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